The premise behind

Hello Everyone!

I’m Ganesh, the Founder of – a Social Podcast Network to Record, Listen & Share Random Rants!

We recently launched, and are working to on-board our initial users & spread the word through social sharing, especially in schools & colleges. All people need to do is visit the site – click the RED record button & go creative OR crazy!

Here is the premise of the idea behind the startup:

#1). Not everyone is comfortable recording a video, and putting it out on the Internet. Audio unlike video, gives one a certain level of anonymity.

#2). Ranting is human nature. We all need to vent our feelings. Bottled up feelings, pent up emotions need a healthy release. That’s where comes in. It’s kind of like Twitter for Audio.

#3). Ofcourse, we do have rules so that our users do NOT violate other people’s privacy. Please read through our FAQs here:

#4). The idea is that – if the gorantt user community creates great content, people tuning in from across the world can have a hearty laugh and get a stress release as well.

Many will relate to those rants. They can even reply to rants via another audio reply or text. Rants can also be liked, shared or flagged for removal.

We hope you have great fun creating hilarious rants!

We are listening and eager to hear any feedback you may have. Please reach out to us using the contact form link:

Happy Ranting!